Oh the places I’ve been: Ebook Apps, Math, Science, Reference and where to keep them.

Since I’ve received the ipad from Beth, I have tried to do something new with it everyday. Although I haven’t been able to live up to this goal, I have still learned many things that I would like to share with you. It is indicative of the slowness of my brain that it has only just occurred to me to maintain a blog about my ipad journeys.

Usually the posts will be very brief, outlining the 15 minutes or so I allow myself for ipad exploration duties. However, there is a lot of backlog in terms of where I have been, so bear with me.

What is the first thing I did when I got my ipad? You guessed it! Straight to the App store for me. As an avid reader, the first thing I did was download the Free books app and anything to do with books and English.

Here is what I have in my Books folder so far:

A screenshot of my free books shelf so far
  • ibooks: the only thing I have so far is a guide to writing fiction from the Open University and Henry James’ the Turn of the Screw).
  • kindle app: haven’t really played aorund with it as it requires purchases from amazon- and there are too many free books available!
  • free books: I like this better than ibooks- easier to navigate, prettier. However, a fairly hefty American content (not so interested in reading the works of Abe Lincoln)
  • Novels: total let down. Old novels for a couple of dollars but nothing free. And just in case you are wondering, they do not have the Hobbit. 
  • Bluefire Reader: This is necessary if you have an account with NetGalley. Just figured this out yesterday and now have the galleys for Marina Endicott’s and Anita Rau Badami’s new books on my ipad!
  • Local Books: Shows you the local books stores and events in your neighborhood.

Check out the folders (the little black boxes!)

Folders? What is that you are talking about? Beth (IT Guru) showed me how to collect subject specific apps all in one place!

    A view inside the Books Folders
    1. Press for a couple of seconds on an app you would like to move.
    2. Drag it on top of an app with a similar subject (eg. ibooks on top of the kindle app).
    3. This will create a folder – you’ll see a black box form around the apps. Let go.
    4. Your two apps will appear inside the folder. Click on the name bar.
    5. Rename your folder to whatever you want.
    6. Click anywhere but in the black box to exit.
This has been very handy for me as I am trying out apps in a variety of subjects in order to help out the teachers. I have already listed the contents of my Books folder. Here are the rest!
  • Vocabolistic: a good studying tool for anyone doing a spelling bee. Gives the definition, antonym, synonym and usage. You can also dictate the speed it shows it to you.
  • Dictionary 
  • Merriam Webster
As you can see, I still have some apps to find in this domain. I came across a great wiki from Palm Beach listing some good apps for high school. I still haven’t made it down the list yet though…
  • Math ref Free: This would have been so useful as a student. It gives you the formulas for many differen equations.
  • Math drills lite: My favourite of all the drill apps, this one gives you the written problem, how it looks on a ruler, as well as a calculator pad to write the answer on. The free version is very basic however, better for Elementary students or for reviewing in Sec I.
  • Math Quizzer: like math drill sbut even more basic.
  • Convert Units: good for temperature, mass, but not so much for using for recipes.
  • World Map: basic world map- the dynamic version requires purchase (but only .99$) 
  • Google Earth: requires no introduction.
  • Youtube: comes with the ipad already I think.
  • TED
  • NFB– you can watch so many things online for free!
  • Netflix– totally not work related, but hey. You never know when you might need to hunker down and watch a movie.
Favourite App so far is definitely the NASA app, which will go into my science folder as soon as I get more Apps. INformative, multi-media showcases concerning astronomy and Earth Sciences.
A screenshot of the NASA app, showing the huge solar flare from June 7th
I also have the human body app, which, when you click on it gives you a fun fact about the body. For example, I just clicked on mine now and it told me that, “your sense of smell is least acute in the morning; our ability to perceive odors increases as the day wears on.”
Hmmm. Didn’t know that!
One last thing- I also learned how to do a screen shot on my ipad:
  1. Press the on/off button at the top of the ipad and at the same time press the ipad button in the centre.
  2. Once you pressed the ipad button let go- don’t keep on holding down as it will just power off your ipad.
  3. You should see a flash of white and then the sound of a camera taking a photo.
  4. The photo is then stored in your photos app (that comes with the ipad).
Okay! That’s it for my first post. I promise they won’t be so long in the future!

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