Google docs on iPad?

Alas, I am afraid that my efforts today did not bear any fruit. I was curious to see if google docs worked on the iPad as I am cheap and want a free solution to word processing. Yet however much I tried I couldn’t get it to work. Oh, I could get into google docs and could even see my list of documents, but every time I tried to open one it would bring me right back to the index. There seemed to be an option to create a document or a spreadsheet, but the same thing happened when I clicked it: that is, absolutely nothing.

I am thinking there’s a glitch in the system? I’ll  try later this week, as all the articles I’ve read seem to think it is possible.

Have you tried to edit a google doc? If so, were you successful? help me out here!

Here are some articles on googledocs and the iPad:

Google docs now fully viewable, editable on ipad 

Google turns on Desktop Docs Editor for ipad

I even tried to get an article from a Canadian source, just in case the update hadn’t reached Canada (I know, I know- grasping at straws).

Google docs Viewer on ipad (from ipadsinCanada)


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