Pages Acquired!

Here is the beginning of my blog that I wrote with pages and then copied and pasted into this blog:

Okay. So I am writing this post via my newly downloaded pages. I tried and tried to get Googledocs to work, but I kept on getting an error message. I did manage to see the editing options when I switched to desktop mode, but it still wouldn’t let me edit it. So. In order to be a useful librarian, I need to re-create the tasks the students will need to use. So far the major issues I have seen with the iPad is printing, and word processing.

Both of these capabilities cost money. I like things to be simple so when it isn’t, I get a little frustrated.

So far, the pages is working quite well, barring my own sausage fingers….

Not bad! I just figured out, after swiping my fingers over the screen like a madwoman, how to select and highlight text. It seems to work the same in Pages as in this blog:

1. Tap the screen at the end of the text you want to highlight: ( had to switch to my desktop to write this as blogger on the ipad does not support inserting images, or the compose mode-it is html all the way).

2. HIghlight text. The copy option should show up:

3. Click on the place you want to paste the text you selected (in my case it was in this blog). The paste option should show up. Paste!

Inserting an image is also fairly easy:

This is also where you will find the shapes (arrows, circles rectangles) as well as charts and tables.

Now let me see if I can print my document…not easily with eprint…Hmmm. A question for tomorrow I think.

Issues I hope to get to in the coming week:

  • Printing from Pages
  • Sharing documents with your itunes
  • the promise and failure of Evernote

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