Using the Ipad for Marketing the Library

 I used my ipad to create a slideshow of different services, events, etc. the library offers for new parent orientation and for open house. Though I am not sure how many people actually looked at it, especially at new parent orientation – I’m not exactly the main act, or even the off broadway act at this event. But still. It was there and it looked cool.

I began by creating slides on my desktop. I used powerpoint for my slides, as it offers different themes and you can add different media.

1. Create your slides.
2. Save them as jpegs.

3. Open iphoto.
4. Create a new album:

5. Add your slides to your album.
6. Sync your ipad, but be careful to select only the album- if not you might sync all the photos on your computer (trust me, unless you have hours to wait for it to download, you don’t want that).

7. After ejecting your ipad from your computer, click on the photos icon on your ipad.
8. Choose your album.

9. Select the slideshow option in the top left hand corner.

10. Press play!

If you want to customize the settings you need to go into settings, then into photos:

I have uploaded my files to so that you can see it for yourself:

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