More from the Science Teacher!

Our lovely brow-furrowing science teacher from the projecting post sent me a couple links a while ago and I though since I have been too busy to do any ipad researching today (in spite of emailing booklists to the whole ipad lab) I thought I would use them, thus still living up to my post-a-day goal, albeit by cheating.

It is about numbers, which I am still too cheap to buy for my own sake so we will have to take science teacher’s, and her lovely links, word for it.

Here is the email I received:

The first link is to a very basic video explaining how to move columns and use the keyboard to go from text to numbers. A good intro but not very rich in content.

The second link is better because you can choose many topics but it is a reading tutorial. Quite clear to explain how to copy paste insert etc.

basic intro to starting a spreadsheet and how to send it to e-mail
Table of contents available for you to choose any topic.
Thank you so much science teacher! I promise to focus more on pages and numbers in the future.

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