rAPPido App Review: Three Free Math Apps

It is no surprise that my two daughters are not math geniuses. Oh, they do alright, but they have the genetics of two artsy fartsy parents to contend with. Let us just say that the multiplication table has not been a priority in our household.

I can feel the glare of all the math teachers right now. Is it true that every time you diss the multiplication table a mathematician dies?

I hope not. No dissing intended.

In fact, quite the opposite. I have downloaded two free math drills that are very basic- perfect for your child up to Grade 7 (then they better know it or else the Math teacher grows fangs).

The first one I came across was Math Quizzer. It has the look of an old fashioned chalkboard and you have the choice of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The answers are multiple choice and your kid  can do as many as she wants.

The second is Math Drills Lite. This one actually makes you find the answer by yourself. It also allows you to do mixed sessions, gives you a counting line option as well as lets you change the settings. It also gives you brief sessions of ten, with the sound of a motor revving when you’ve completed all ten correctly. How fun is that?

I also just downloaded another free app called MathWordProblems .

Took this screenshot from their website. It was already facing this direction. I swear.

Originally designed for the iphone, it is a tiny screen. I wish I was a better judge of whether it is useful or not- but there are several factors that impede me. First and foremost, I am not very good at Math. Secondly, I am not sure how things are taught today and don’t know if this app would be more confusing than  helpful. If you are a math teacher, could you give mathwordproblems a whirl and tell me what you think? I tried to complete the first problem to do with eggs but even though I knew the answer, I couldn’t figure out the steps and it wouldn’t let me continue (oaky. I admit I didn’t give it much time.)

Also, if you are math teacher with an ipad, I would love to hear how you are using the ipad in the classroom. Give me a shout and I will feature you on my blog!

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