Tired of washing you acetates?

And no, there is no dirty connotation here (except for dirty acetates, of course).

Then just use this lovely free app called Showme! It functions as a whiteboard app and when you use the projector with it, it is just like the old school acetates.

This came up when the lovely science teacher, brows significantly unfurrowed now that she is working with the ipad2, was trying to find an ipad solution to her acetate habit. It took us about five minutes to find a whiteboard app in the app store, download it and try it out.

I went back upstairs to my library queendom and received a phonecall about five minutes after. It was the science teacher who wanted to tell me that she figured out how to save it and, if she wanted to she could upload it and share it on the Showme online learning community. She said that she even found a presentation on her subject, Moles! I then asked her if she meant the hairy kind found on the faces of hags or the blind, troglodyte animals.

She just looked at me funny.

Showme features:

  • You can record over your whiteboard
  • Add images
  • email it to yourself
  • upload to facebook, etc.
One little thing: although it is very easy to “write” with your finger, a stylus for the ipad would be a good purchase. The rumour is circulating that Mr. Multimedia found an ipad stylus at his local dollar store so they are definitely available and for cheap.
Basically, it can be used the same way you use a chalkboard or a whiteboard without the white chalk marks on your butt or needing to spend hours at the sink cleaning your plastic sheets.
If you are currently using another whiteboard app or any other tool to help you deliver your lectures, let me know and I will feature it.
Thanks Science Teacher!

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