NOTES: How to delete the automatic mailing

I went to the lunch room today at around 2 pm, hungry and grumpier than usual. So when the very friendly French Drama teacher said he had a challenge for me, I’m afraid I wasn’t very gracious.

He asked me if I knew how to stop the Notes app (built-in to your ipad) from emailing a version to his inbox every time he edited it.

I said, “Just don’t use it.”

Ha ha ha.

I want to publicly apologise to said French Dramatical teacher for being so flip. I am usually much more cheerful about challenges, really. It’s just that there have been a lot of them lately and I hadn’t had my lunch yet.

So. Tomorrow’s post is happening today.

Here is how to disable the function that rivals auto-correction for the hellishly annoying thing about the ipad prize.

But don’t worry – it is totally fixable.

Go to settings–> mail, contacts, calendars –> Gmail

Turn Notes off.

I know. Duh, right? I should have done that long ago. Except watch out- when I turned mine off, I lost all of the different Note pages I had gathered up to that point, so make sure you have copies of anything important.

Then, when you are ready to email or print your notes, just tap the arrow at the bottom of the page and email the finished version to yourself.

C’est tout. Tout fini. La fin.

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