Overheard: ipads used as recording devices

Although, these days I am busy with the ipad developing an old school/new school scavenger hunt for the Grade 8 English class ( I will publish it when it is done), I haven’t done any ipad explorations with this blog in mind.

Imagine my happiness when the Mme. Science Humaines teacher came in today to borrow the ipad lab, saying she was going to use it in her class. Today she used it for research. The girls emailed themselves a document they made in keynote with their notes and next week they will film their group discussions with the ipads. That way, Mme Science Humaines, who cannot be in two places at once (I know. Slacker.) will have a better idea of the caliber of the talky talk.

A few minutes later, Ms. Drama Teacher came up to borrow a stack of books on costumes for her class tomorrow. She told me she has booked the ipad for the same purpose- the girls are going to give presentations and film themselves with the ipads! What a great, easy way to get the girls to see where they need to improve in their dramaticalness.

I love hearing how the ipad is being used around the school- if you have done something interesting, noteworthy, etc. either with your ipad or with the ipad lab, let me know and I will feature it on the blog!

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