iPad Lab: a few easy steps for a healthy and happy collaboration

AKA: ways to not make me want to hurl the iPads at people’s heads in a legendary librarian temper tantrum.

The iPads have been in circulation for a a couple of weeks now, and I am pleased to say they are a success. The feedback from students is that although they need to spend a little time figuring out the quirks of this new device, they like the freedom the mobility gives them. Teachers like it because it allows them to be in two places at once- many are getting their discussion groups to record their conversations so that they can go back and evaluate them as well as using them for art projects, theater projects, history and English!

All in all a success!

Of course, there are a few niggling, easy to fix issues that take up a lot of my time and that really don’t need to.

So if you are borrowing the iPad lab, please follow these simple rules of etiquette and I promise to not brain you with a bag of iPads (trust me. You don’t want to be hit with them. While one is light and manageable, six are worthy of a work-out session).

1. Before your class is over, please ask your students to power off the iPad. This will reduce battery power waste and save Ms. Wall’s time. And yes, that is a goal we all should aspire to. And if you are feeling particularly etiquette-prone, you can even get them to quit the apps they used. This will help the next class save battery power too.

2.  If you have students who need to continue their project at lunch or after school, please, for the love of all that is useful tech in the world, put them aside so that I know which iPads they need. Too often, a teacher will bring back the three bags of six ipads each and let me know students will be coming in to finish their project. The students come in and I have to go through all three bags before I find the right iPads.  I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO. (Was that too forceful?) When you bring in the ipads, hand me the ones that will need to be used again. If another class has the ipads before lunch or after school, make a note of the numbers of the ipads and when they come back I will put them aside before putting the set back in the cupboard.

3. Voice Over problems: I am not sure why this is, but voice over seems to slow down the iPad to unworkable levels. To turn the voice over off, just tap the center button three times. Or you can follow the link and turn it off for good. This will solve many of the problems caused by your iPad not responding properly.

This is me showing you what the center button is. Gratuitous I know. 

That’s it! Or at least that’s all I can think of for now. But I reserve the right to add to this list.

In the meantime, I thank you very much for you cooperation

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