Ipad Meeting Notes: Highlights


Well, this week’s round of articles are a tad desultory, (except for this one on how Hospitals are using the ipad) so I thought I would share the highlights of our first ipad meeting a couple of weeks ago.

The idea behind these meetings is to touch base without early adopters and see how they are using the ipad. It was a great success.

Here are some of the ways this intrepid group have been using this new tool. Beth used an app called livenotes to record the meeting as it transcribes what is said  into written notes,

History and Geography


  • Doespowerpoint and turns them into pdfs and puts them into ibooks (Gregsuggests using keynote. Bethmentions pdf expert, if you have a pdf doc you can share up to 16 computers)
  • Also idea flight, either the leader where you have to pay or the follower whe you don’t.
  • Likes toread the news. Uses ZITE can choose topics that you like eg. World news, rockclimbing, etc. free app, learns what you like based on your evaluat of what youare reading. (Marthamentions flipboard.)
  • Thinkingof doing an evaluation where they sit with a list of questions and will be recordingtheir response to certain questions.
  • Filmed group discussions with ipads 
  • Also usedthe ipad  lab as a computer lab with thegr.11s. Liked it as they were small and mobile.
  • Reading abook on ibooks
  • Usingseveral apps for knitting.
Audio memos
  • Independentstudy: theory apps
  • Used itfor glee. Will videotape the choreography and email them.
  • Usegarageband. Can onlyhave 32 bars. Greg usesaudio memos and evernote, hakai but having issues twith syncing. Allows you torecord audio and edit.

  • Has lot ofscience based apps
  • Has an ipad folder for everyone of her classes.
  • Biologyeg. Mitosis. Was able to show how this is happening.
  • Gradenine: ton of apps, because centered around the humanbody. Getting a chance tosee organs 3d, virtual dissections,etc.
  • Have manykids who can’t write notes and listen at the same time. Have been recording onaudacity but wants to try and record the lectures and post them somewhere.

Sports and Nutrition:
  • Has yetto bring ipads in the gym.
  • Can useit for fitness testing, exercise. Design.
  • Thinkingof using it for kinesthetics wiht grade eights. Will film them toget the rightpoise.
  • Alsowants to try it as a whiteboard for basketball

Volleyball Coach’s clipboard
  •  recommends a basic app for showing volleyball court. Good to show where playersare supposed to be. Can even type the names of students in.
  • Nutritionunit: app called in my food. Have to learn how to read food labels, classifies theorganism, breaks down the nutritional value. FREE

  • Goingto be using it for volleyball. One ipad per two students one will film the otherwill self evaluate.
  • Found anapp for the food guide- you fill in your daily intake and it will show youwhat you need to eat more (or less) of.
  • Takes aphoto of the blackboard and emails it to students.

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