Bloom’s Taxonomy for iPad: A quick reminder of why the iPad in the first place

(via Langwitches blog)

The hardest part about adopting a new technology (at least in my humble opinion) is figuring out how it can be useful to you.  Technology is a tool, after all, a means by which we reach our goals, not the goal itself. It is easy to forget this when we are bombarded with constant updates, with technology that requires even more of our already scarce time to decode.

I feel like right now is a good time to remind myself (and you, my gentle readers) that the reason we are adopting the iPad in our schools is because it is useful. It is a compact, more student-hardy (it is harder for them to break the iPad than a laptop, although, yes, they still manage it), potential for an all-in-one tool. In the States, schoolboards are looking into switching from paper textbooks to e-texts. That would mean students could roam from class to class with only their iPads. They can research, read, create, game, communicate all on one device.

In the same vein, it is also that handy for teachers- so far, most teachers have been using them for very practical purposes: using whiteboard app to illustrate a lesson then emailing it to their students. Recording discussion groups for the purposed of evaluation. Researching outside the library. Illustrating a volleyball strategy or even taking a picture of the notes from a meeting on a chalkboard and emailing it to the students. Not to mention the quasi personally/professional uses of managing the media we follow (I am a firm believer that the world informs how we do our jobs,especially if you are in charge of teaching children about that world. Apps like flipboard, Zite and other news feed highlighted in previous posts are an effective way for teachers to keep up to date.

I was reminded of the uses this morning when I came across this fancy picture on one of the best iPads in education blogs, langwitches.

To explore more Bloom, check out Bloomin’iPad by Kathy Schrock.

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