iOS5: Three New Fantabulous Features!

If you have updated your iPad to iOS5 (and I know Beth is doing the rest of the iPad lab as we speak) here are a three new features to beguile, bedazzle and befriend you. Meaning they will make your life easier, but with alliteration.

1.  New Moves! Add a couple of fingers and you have a whole lot more functionality. The folks on the iOS5 information site have explained it better than I could ever do so here is a nice screen shot:

Just make sure you use four fingers are you’ll wind up swiping at the screen like one of those overzealous housewives in a Mr. Clean commercial. Also, the left/right swipe to navigate between Apps works in the vertical and horizontal viewing mode. I especially love the swiping up to see the toolbar- very handy!

2. Notifications: With just a quick scroll you can get all your notifications in one place! This is a one-fingered activity. (No one-finger jokes intended)

Just tap the screen to make your notifications disappear.

3. Photos: You can now edit your photos on your iPad! This, I must admit, is so FREAKIN’ awesome!!!! I would love to crop some of my unwieldy screenshots taken from the ipad.
Just tap the edit button, and you can rotate, enhance, fix red-eye as well as crop. Crop!!!!

Beautiful, I tell you. Just beautiful (I have tears in my eyes. Seriously).

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