Youtube channels and the iPad Lab

One of the difficulties of the documentary project I did with Ms. Allison’s grade 8 class was that the movies were too large to email to the teacher and there was no good way to sync them without wasting a colossal amount of our tech guru’s time.

Ms. Allison had to view the movies on the iPad themselves, which meant her marking was at the mercy of other people needing the machines as well as needing to keep them in the building.

Well, a solution has presented itself! The students can create their own youtube channels via their Traf email.

Once they are signed in, they will have to create a youtube channel. They will be asked for a username and a password and then whether they want to connect it to their traf email. The answer is yes to all of the above.

Easy as pie! (actually way easier-making pie is hard).

 They can directly upload their movie to their youtube channel, making sure they check the following option:

If they choose the private, the teacher will not be able to view their project.

This is how it looks on the iPad in imovie:

After uploading their movie, they need to go to the youtube app on the ipad. There they will sign in to their account and share their project with their teacher:

Make sure the students sign out before they hand back the iPad.

If you want to embed the video, the settings must be public. As I am such a good sport, I will make this one public just to show you.

 Hopefully, your students will be producing better quality video than this one..

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