Lesson Plan Idea: Express It with a Sock Puppet

I was meandering my techchef4u  RSS feed in order to find ideas for today’s post and came across this one entitled Government Vs. Puppets. It has been there for a while but I kept on ignoring it because, well, it sounded boring.

That’ll school me on judging a post by its title, because I loved the idea! Using an app, such as Sock Puppet (free) students can make a little play about whatever they are learning in your class. The examples on the techchef4u site are from a high school course on government from the U.S. The class used sock puppet to dramatize important court cases. However, it might be interesting for a history course an English course or even a fun way to introduce a math equation. I urge you to not make the same mistake I did and experience the familiar glazing of the eyes with the word government. Check out the post- there are many other ideas!

Sock Puppets itself is easy to use- they have a well-written and remarkably not boring help sheet!

Here is a quick sock puppet Hamlet I did:

You have a choice of 6 wacky characters. You can make their voices as high or as low as you want them. You have a choice of several backdrops and several props and when you are finished recording, you can upload it to your youtube channel.

Another option is Puppet Pals – also free but the mouths don’t move. If you get the director’s version, you can upload your own pictures and use them. However the free version has way less functionality. You can turn the characters to face one another and you have to resort to doing the voices differently to make sure your characters are being differentiated, as you will see in this other version of the

Hamlet/Ophelia scene:

I know. I am having way too much fun. Which means I must go now and do something boring like catalogue books to balance out my day…

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