How I used the iPad today

Today I gave a presentation on information literacy at McGill’s School for Information Studies and used the ipad to do it all. I didn’t need a USB key, didn’t have to worry about compatibility (except for bringing the all important VGA adapter (which I just looked up and discovered VGA stands for Video Graphics Array)- whoah- double parentheses- is that like a double rainbow?

I used Keynote for my slides (and was pleasantly surprised when the notes for each slide automatically popped up on my iPad while still nicely displaying my slide on the big screen):
 Safari to show them my blog, my website, my webliographies etc.:
 ibook to show them examples of other presentations and youtube for an example of a student project where they had to find the material then create something with it (the To Kill a Mockingbird documentary). 
To navigate between these apps seamlessly, I just had to brush up with four fingers and I got my apps bar. 
I felt so cool.
I really did.

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