The Holy Grail of e-Textbooks

I am not a quick thinker. I never have a suitable comeback when the moment presents itself. It takes me a long time to process logistic questions. So when I was presented with the possibility of the school going iPad, I couldn’t quite understand why. Why an iPad? At the time, it seemed like a glorified e-reader.

But during these last couple of months when I have been exploring the capabilities, I have realised it is so much more. The ability to research, read, and create, as well as enhance learning with a myriad of apps is mind-blowing. However, I still  believe that its crowning achievement will be when the students will have all their textbooks on one device.  I envision the textbooks as interactive, allowing for linked content to more information, dictionaries at the tip of a finger, and note taking capabilities right beside the text.

It was this article that got me thinking about this again.

I am hoping to check out the availability of e-textbooks as well as the subscription information as soon as things calm down around here.

I was curious about whether any school in Canada had begun to purchase etextbooks and after some internet rummaging I came across this article about CDI College campuses using etextbooks (although I think it might be more of an online promotion for CDI College than an actual article.)

 I know in the States however, there are several districts looking in to the possibility of transitioning to etextbooks.

eTextbooks and Education Apps: iPads enter the Classroom by Whitney Ijem via the singularity hub.

Many U.S. School adding iPads, trimming textbooks by Stephanie Reitz, Associated Press.

Of course, these are just the results of a quick google search, just enough to whet your appetite for more information (see how I spun my lack of time as a design decision? I know. Totally had you fooled, didn’t I?).

To be continued…

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