Friday Workshop: Lena’s Presentation

For those of you who missed the iPad workshops on Friday,  I will be going over each of the presentations this week. The first one is from Lena ( our intrepid Science teacher). I have mentioned before that she has been experimenting with different whiteboard apps in lieu of the cumbersome and labour intensive acetates.
Here is what she has found:
Price: free
  • Likes itbecause not a static pdf it is dynamic
  • Problemis needed three presentations for one problem. ( you can only use one board at a time)
  • Canimport photo or take a photo then use it. Edit it, format it, then write on it.
  • Canchange colours
  • Can alsorecord your lecture over your slides.
  • Put the link on the portal and students can access it.
  • Option ofkeeping it personal or public
  • Share itas an email or watch it online
  • When youmake it public people can rate it.
  • Haveto have an account in showme
  • Uploadingvideo takes a minute.
  • Email isfaster
Here is an example of one of Lena’s presentations:

Price: .99$

  • Can have more than one page per presentation
  • Can type,use stylus, import photos
  • Can alsotake a photo
  • Can alsorecord
  • Onlydifference from showme is that it exports as a pdf instead of as a dynamic presentation.
  • Can alsoimport pdfs
  • Problemis they will only see the finished result not the steps taken to solve it.
  • Students will have tolisten to the recording to see how the teacher came to the result.
  • You canchoose to email it, dropbox, etc.
  • Send itas a pdf or pdf and recording
Lena’s conclusion is that though both of these whiteboard apps are handy, they still do not have all the functionality she needs all in one. To have a presentation with multiple pages, or in old school parlance, acetates, with the capacity to export it as a movie with the recorded lecture in sync with the whiteboard pages is, if my impression is correct, her holy grail. 

Lori mentioned she attended a presentation at Qpat where the speaker touted Screenchomp. Lena said she would try it- and get back to us? Yes?

Tomorrow- Mr. Pelletier’s presentation on Bento!

1 thought on “Friday Workshop: Lena’s Presentation

  1. It would appear that Beth has figured out a way of getting more than one page on ShowMe. While you are recording you can press the button that clears all that was written and allows you to begin writing again. Everything was already recorded, so when the show is played back, it will all be there, despite it being erased! Yeah Beth!

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