Ipadyoupad has moved!

Today I was thinking about iPads and how many of our students work solely from this device. Then I got to thinking about this blog and how ironic it was that I was writing about the iPad on a platform that does not support mobile viewing.

Then I thought about a conversation I had with Mr. French Teacher, who uses wordpress for his personal blog and was nice enough to give me a quick tour. And lo and behold! WordPress has a nice ipad viewer as well as a view for smartphones. And the cost is the same as blogger: free!

How the homepage looks on the iPad!

So today, I learned how to set up a wordpress account and  how to import my posts and doing it all on the iPad:

Everything  went very well, except for a few weird glitches. The first glitch being that I can’t add images from my iPad. So now I am back at my desktop. However, I am wondering if this is because I was almost out of batteries – I will try again tomorrow….

The second glitch being that I noticed one of the photos in my last post had been switched with an earlier photo:

Obviously, this is not David’s Bento.

However, so far so good. I will continue my exposition of Friday’s workshops tomorrow. The only difference is that now you will be able to view them comfortably from the iPad!



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