Friday’s Workshop Part 2: Annotated notes

REMINDER: Add ipadyoupad to your homescreen! (which is a fancy way of saying make a little app out of ipadyoupad for easy access)

It’s so easy! On your iPad, go to

Then go to the little arrow and click “Add to homescreen.”

That’s all folks!


Don’t go away! I meant the adding to the homescreen instructions not the actual post. Sheesh.

Okay- consider this the unofficial notes for the Friday November 25 discussion that followed the presentations.

Beth’s open ended question was something like, “what next?” or What would you like to see happen with the iPads?”

In true brainstorming style, people started shouting out words like “textbooks!”

*(My annotations are in italics)

Part two: what do you want to get out of it


  • Textbooks!
Discussion on etextbooks ensued. Unfortunately the current model is not economically feasible. Last time anybody checked they were charging the same price for an etextbook as a print one, except as a yearly subscription. Want me to break that down? That means, instead of paying $35/textbook once every few years, you would be paying $35/textbook per year. Now if somebody could explain how this is not at all insane, I would appreciate it. Because it seems to me, well insane. However, we will take the booklist and check publisher by publisher to see if there is one that has not succumbed to the pandemic of eBook greed.
Two: wants something as fast and clear as  writing?
I no longer know the context for this, but I think Greg wants something a little less choppy then the current writing functionalities of Showme and other whiteboard apps? Not sure though. Greg, feel free to comment.

Beth says we need to get cable to speed up processing speed. I have no idea what she is talking about. Luckily she knows or we would be up the proverbial creek with the proverbial paddle. I say trust her. If she says it, it must be so.

Greg asks if they (the students) had a pdf workbook could they write in the text.

Geoff asked if anyone used something like pdf expert where people can interact, edit annotate one document. Answer: not yet.

Looking at whether hdmi is better output than VGA . I know. Riveting stuff. At least, I am sure it would be if I had a clue what they are talking about.

David wants the ability to record the desktop (which statement did not make sense until I looked on the next line):

OH! He wants an equivalent of jing!

Beth: easiest way of doing this as of yet is with an ipod touch.

Geoff has anybody had an experience of kids pushing back from the tech, kids not liking the iPad?

Answer: No.

Geoff: these are real digital natives.


Genevieve: kids in french still don’ t have a good english french dictionary on their ipad.

Answer from Beth:  The apps teachers want should be on supplies (the supplies list to students) list. Must see which is the best. For example, antidote includes a bescherelle and a dictionary.

Beth will send us an email before xmas asking each dept what app they need for the ipads.

Annie: if I wanted to do an ebook?

Not sure what happened here. I think she was talking about doing one of the required readings as an ebook. Thinking of Pride and Prejudice with Grade 10s. But everyone would have to have their own iPad for it work as well as some collaborative tool such as PDF Expert.

Michele: a few things that are not flowing still. Have nothing else for Michele. I am sure she had a good point but I obviously got distracted because I didn’t write it down.

Beth, would like t get into every dept. meeting and have a discussion about what teachers need.

Christianne really likes these sessions but gets overwhelmed. We need time to discuss and share but doesnt know enough about what it can do before she can answer the question of what she needs.

Why the dept. meetings are so important.

Hardest will be the French because of language difficulties.

Gen  says she has a project with kids where they will be filming each other.

Annie, what is the best way to clean the ipads, and should we be having a security code on it?

Beth says that most definitely we should have a security code and to just use a screen cleaner.Karen uses bonamie.

Are we adjusting the contract (social media) we have with the students? I think this question was born out of the fear that kids will be distracted/ use iPads for nefarious purposes. The answer is that they can and are already distracted/use their other tech for nefarious purposes. But just a few and not always. The iPad will not significantly change classroom behaviour as most students already have laptops or iPads.

Christianne remarks that she has students who have a smart pen and she can record audio in the class but has asked permission to do.

Beth will be sending out emails to dept heads about what they want for apps.First part looking at resource list.

Beth will be starting a Traf Trash column where students will be reviewing apps.

Well, that’s all for the Friday workshops! Phew. Now I can get back to some serious work like trying out new apps… 

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