Magpie moment: Create a Collaborative Class Ebook

Magpie because, just like our feathered friend, I like to borrow shiny ideas.

So, I’m doing a quick search on Langwitches today for something a little less dry than my meeting notes of the past week and I came across this post. I had noticed it before, but hadn ‘t had time to look at it. Langwitches has since put it into a slideshow:

I must say, I’m intrigued. I can think of at least three different projects going on in the school that could use this. Ms. Allison’s Grade Seven Poetry Unit perhaps? The Periodic element brochures, Ms. Loupelle? What about a selection of art from Ms. Litvack’s class? Or the upcoming Shakespeare frenzy? What about creating a collaborative textbook on the life and times of Shakespeare? Or a backgrounder on a current event or issue for ERC?

The possibilities are endless I tell you. Endless.

Well, almost. Book Creator costs $6.99. Still. It would be the perfect use for the the iPad lab.

I just gave it a whirl and used some of the book reviews in Traf Trash to create a book. With the new photo editing features in the Photos apps, Book Creator is fully functional (like the death star!)

Death Star!

I was able to save images from the web and crop them in Photo. I then copied and pasted the text of the reviews from Safari to Book Creator. You have the option to change your background colour as well as placing your Photos in the background or the foreground.

Here are the options for opening your newly created eBook!


Here is my book!


You have the option to email yourself your ebook. It comes in epub format.

And here it is in my iBook!

So there we are! A simple, elegant solution for a class collaborative project.

2 thoughts on “Magpie moment: Create a Collaborative Class Ebook

  1. I’ve definitely been wanting to do a poetry anthology, but hadn’t thought about how, exactly, to do this. Thanks for the tip!

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