New Link on my Sidebar:

How is that for a compliment – Hey baby, you’re so chock full of resources, can I link you to my sidebar?

Just doing some early morning browsing and found this great site (which, by the domain name, seems to originate in Canada) called

The post that caught my eyes was this one, entitled 13 ways to use imovie in the classroom. The reason it caught my eye was because it mentions creating Pecha-Kucha style presentations (you know the 20 slides/20 second each slide format?) which I thought would be an interesting format for in-class presentations. It would be a good way to evaluate the media literacy as well as talk competency in English as well as a fun way for students to introduce topics to other students.

For example, in ERC you could have a theme either big like Religion or small like Ambivalence (okay I guess that’s not really small is it? I need a better mental scale) and have girls present their take on these concepts in twenty slides.

I’m just sayin’.

Oooh- Also check out their 10 Apps for Enquiry based Learning!



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