What they are saying about the iPad this week

Or at least what my google alert filtered my way.

The first article I read was from PC magazine entitled Challenging the Education Status quo:

While other teachers are entrenched in a never-ending battle to get students to put away their smartphones and tablets, Jenks is putting them to use in his lesson plans. Upon entering Jenks’s classroom, each student is handed an Apple iPad (made possible by grants from the Wyoming Department of Education and the Hot Springs School District). Students can personalize their iPads and, basically, have open access to the Web. With the devices, they complete assignments, collaborate with other students (even those in other classes), use science-based apps, and go on research scavenger hunts by scanning QR codes with clues to the next location. Jenks’s physics, earth science, astronomy, and chemistry classrooms are largely paperless. They store assignments and other class documents in Google Docs.


Wait a minute. Don’t  we do all that?

Pause for a collective slap on the back, Traf. We are officially innovative!

The article goes on to confirm our philosophy regarding students and tech as well as our social media policy.

Here is another interesting article: Study Claims iPad App Boosts Student Skills.

Huge caveat: this study was sponsored by Motion Math app and the NoyceFoundation.

Still. Here is what they found:

Kids who used the app for 20 minutes for five days improved on a fractions test by an average of 15 percent compared to the control group. Using Motion Math also improved the kids attitudes about fractions by 10 …

This is interesting to me as a parent who, as I mentioned before am dealing with two children who have inherited my lack of math skills. (Which is too bad because I actually like Math. Especially the crazy advanced studies like topology, mainly because the idea of “properties that are preserved through deformations, twistings, and stretchings of objects”[definition from Wolfram Math] resonate with my philosophical soul, yo.

But I guess you gotta learn your fractions first.

Last but not least a very informative and easy to follow comparison of screencasting apps for the iPad:

Here is a screen shot, but best to click on the link and get the whole post from Apps in Education.




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