Random iPad Discoveries

Blogging on the iPad!


Sometimes I am quite the ninny. Although I figured out how to make a nice wordpress app for the viewer, it never occurred to me to look in the App store to see if wordpress might have a blogging app. But then our tech guru had to hang out in the library to update the computers, and she told me all about it!

Oh. And how she thought it kind of sucked and had to resort to the blogsy app ($4.99) for it to be truly useful. So far, it seems just like pages for entering text (complete with my sausage finger typing non-abilities.) But let’s take wordpress app for a test drive shall we?

Hold on to your seats folks! I am now going to try to insert a link to the wordpress app.

Okay. I tried it, but safari doesn’t let you have urls for apps in the itunes store. Okay. lesson learned. (I am learning a prodigious amount today).

I am now going to link to Tech guru’s new Traf Trash article!

Did it work? I don’t know. I can only see the html…Oh wait! If I took away the keyboard, and tapped the eye icon, I can preview the post.

Now I am going to try and insert an image of the eye. here goes. Wish me luck!


Okay! Not as nice as the desktop interface, but at least doable. The only option to resize your image is with pixels. As well, you can only choose to add images above or below.

Okay. Last two mentions for today!

If you have already downloaded bluefire reader, you can download your approved galleys right on your ipad! Oh, and if you are not signed up with netgalley, you should be. Free e-advanced copies of new books.


Whoah! Hold your horses (okay, hold my horses). When you take a photo directly from your photo library without cropping or anything, it does give you the opt of small, medium, large, etc.

And last but not least, David would like to remind everyone that the mobileme service is very handy for when you don’t know where you left your ipad. Cough, cough.

2 thoughts on “Random iPad Discoveries

  1. Seriously, folks, if it happens to you, go to a computer, then get on a browser and go to icloud.com. Type in your Apple ID, then select, find my device. Within a minute, it will show you EXACTLY where you device is and, should it be in an unsafe location, will offer you to either make it ring and show a message for whoever finds it, or lock it with a temporary passcode, or even delete all sensitive information it may carry.

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