Dear Apple People, Figure out the garageband/imovie connection on the iPad please.


First thing this morning, three Grade 7 students, panicking at their looming multimedia deadline, came to me with their iPad.

Students: Please, can you show us how to put our garageband song into the imovie?

Me: Sure!

Should be easy enough, right?


After going through the same steps over and over, I capitulated and called our tech guru, who was already annoyed at all the Grade 7 last minute tech difficulties (with good reason).

Me: Hi Beth. Sorry to bother you, but could you tell us how to get a song from garage band into imovie?

Beth: Sure!


The bell rang, the students had to go to class and Beth had to take the iPad away (one of the iPad lab iPads) to figure out how to get imovie and garageband to talk to each other without the need to sync to another device.

Should be easy right?


A visual of imovie and garageband resisting the bucket. I know. Talented.

This is what Beth had to do in order to get a song recorded on the iPad, into the itunes library of the same iPad so that they could use it in their imovie produced on the same ipad:

1. Plug in Ipad to desktop.

2.Go to itunes

3. Click on the iPad icon in itunes and sync.

4. Scroll all the way down in same iPad icon to the File sharing table of contents. Click on Garage band.

5. Find song and save to desktop.

6. Go to File in the general itunes library and click Add to library.

7. Add song to library.

8. Go back to ipad in Itunes.

9. Click on music tab.

10. Choose sync selected songs.

11. Find song and sync.

12.Eject device.

This is crazy. I know, Apple people, that you have thought of many things. That our world is better for your big brains and ingenious ideas. And believe me, we want to use your products. We recommend them to students. Usually we are stupendously grateful at the way you help us help students learn.

But this is not helpful.

The students will only have their ipad at school. They need to be able to have as much functionality without having to sync to an external device as possible. This particular project required them to make a movie using original photos, an original script , their own filming as well as an original soundtrack. They did all this on the iPad, which is outstanding, until it came time to insert their song into imovie.

It seems like such a small thing. I know it probably requires some magical concatenations I can only imagine. But if you would like to give educators and students using the iPad a wonderful gift, please make it possible.

We will be even more grateful than we already are.



PS. This is a visual of what I would love for Christmas:

True love in the exotic location of the iPad. Please?

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