Today’s iPad tip brought to you by your friendly neighborhood tech guru

You will remember that in my previous post, when I had just discovered there was a wordpress app, that I could not figure out how to post a link to the actual app.

Well, Beth heard the plea and responded with this tidbit:

How to get an app link into your blog on your iPad.

1 go to app on app store, and select “tell a friend” and email the link to yourself.

2 in the email you get, hold down the “view item” button and select copy

3 Paste the copied URL as a regular link in what ever you want to put the link in, when it it clicked, it will open the link in the app store if you are on an iPad, or in a webpage if you are on a computer.

Let’s try it!

20111216-130124.jpg here I am, emailing the wordpress app to myself.

20111216-130350.jpg And here I am copying the item!

Okay. So. Check out the wordpress app!

Thanks Beth!

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