Holiday Diversions on the iPad

No really. I’m working. Well, at least I am making this work.

Learn a New Skill!

Learn to Draw with Foster Wallace

Price: free

Or at least, learn how to draw on the ipad. The lessons take you through the different steps for different  subjects. I tried the portrait one:

It gives you an outline and then you copy it:

They give you a choice of pencils, and refer to them in the instructions, but for a neophyte like me, I had no idea which one they meant when they said the sketch pencil, etc. However one of them shades, the one beside the eraser makes hard, black lines and I assume the right one is the sketching one. This was my final product:

Who needs eyeballs?

Okay, so are you actually going to learn to draw?

Probably not.

Is it fun?

heck yes.

Play Word Games!

Price: $0.99

I just found the Scrabble app. OMG. I might not do anything else this Christmas. It works just like the actual board game but without the peril of losing your tiles under the coffee table. I will no longer have to beg my husband to play with me, at once satisfying my craving for wordplay and saving my marriage! Long live Scarbble app!


Here is a game I started. I am totally kicking the computer’s butt:

Word Genius

Lite version: free

Upgrade: $0.99

I’ve reviewed this app in another post and have to say, it just gets more addictive. I have now gotten my whole family hooked- instead of being sprawled on the couch watching TV, we were all huddled around the iPad swiping at words.

I am actually upgrading right now. Yay! in the upgraded version, you have the choice whether to play against the clock or not. This will be better for my girls and I. If you do choose to play against the clock, you can set your time limit. These two options are not available in the lite version.

Cook! Bake!


So far, I’ve used recipes in the AllRecipes app. Or I should say, my husband used the recipe for baked falafel.  I ate the recipe. Free. Easy to use interface. If you upgrade for $4.99, you can save your recipes in a recipe box as well as print, share and organize your shopping lists.

Read to your children!

Alice for the iPad

Lite version: Free

Full version: $8.99

Holy moly. Anyone afraid that devices like the iPad are going to negatively affect literacy have not experienced the new interactive books.

I haven’t taken the plunge yet and purchased the full version, but I can’t imagine how it would be better than the lite. Beautiful illustrations, with fun, interactive add-ons. For example, while you read the story, the kids can then make Alice grow or shrink:

A wonderful way to introduce your small people to this classic!

How are you going to use your iPad during the holiday? My enquiring mind wants to know.

Happy Holidays!

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