rAPPido Review: Dubious Dragon Dictation

So. First thing back from vacation, a student told me she dictated a review for our student e-magazine with Dragon Dictation. Intrigued, I thought I would give it a try by dictating this blog post.

Nope. The above wasn’t dictated through Dragon Dictation. Nope. This is what came out:


Yeah. I was trying to dictate a short review of a book called “The Next Sure thing”  by Native writer Richard Wagamese. I was saying how it was published in the “Rapid Reads” series for Reluctant Readers by Orca Publishers.

I spoke clearly. I used earphones with a microphone. It still made no sense.

To illustrate, I am going to read this blog post  and see what happens. Once again, I am going to enunciate clearly and slowly and I am going to use some headphones with a microphone.

Here are the results:

Hmmm. Not exactly a success. It could possibly be my voice- it is pretty low and I do tend to mutter, though I was trying very hard not to.

As well, the lite version that I have will only take a limited amount of dictation before it starts processing your dictation into words. Notice how the above dictation cuts out abruptly.

Do you use any dictation software? Does it work for you?



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