Track your New Year’s Resolutions!

Like making New Year’s Resolutions?

I do! And now I can be reminded of all the things I failed to do on the iPad:

I quickly looked at Trackit, which offers a way of tracking your resolution:

Every time an event occurs, you just tap the little green plus one button.

The map thing is a little weird though. And I think they spelled occurences wrong. So when you tap the button, Trackit logs the occurence and maps it with Google. Which, needless to say, is not very necessary. However, you can add notes to each occurence which could be helpful. For example- exercise daily- you could add how long, etc. But you can’t go back in time although you can alter the date stamp in the notes.

I also downloaded an app meant for the iphone called Resolutions:

You can also change the icon beside your resolution…

But I want to have fanfare if I succeed in my resolve. Balloons! Party horns! Streamers! Alas, Resolutions only gives a cursory “resolution completed on…” in small text at the bottom. Maybe you need to pay money for fanfare…

Have you found a good new year’s resolution app?


2 thoughts on “Track your New Year’s Resolutions!

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