rAPPido Review: NFB’s Pixstops

NFB has done it again. Their new offering is an easy-to-use stop animation app that the most creatively challenged of us can figure out. I know because I tried it out yesterday right before going home, a time of day where my brain is usually not at its most brilliant. I hate afternoons. I am pro siesta.

But I digress.

I do that.

Price: free!

Stop animation in three steps:

Tap on create a new film.

2. Take your photos, and even add music from your itunes library! Then adjust the speed.

3.Send your film to your camera roll where you can then email it to yourself or uplaod it to youtube:

Here is my 12 frames per second attempt:

And here it is at 2 frames per second!

My only beef is that you can’t upload photos from your camera roll or the web- you have to take the photos you use in the app itself. But still- I can see this app having many uses in the classroom-let me know if you use it!

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