Friday Round Up: What they are saying about Apple’s Education Announcement

My Google alert for iPads in education was full to bursting this week with articles commenting on Apple’s Education Announcement  last Thursday. Here are a few of the more lively ones:

#1 for throwing punches right out of the gate: Apple’s Mind Bogglingly Greedy and Evil License Agreement by Ed Bott via ZDNet.

The man has a point. I’m just sayin’. If I am permitted to go all Cassandra on you this Friday morn, I would prophecy that Apple’s downfall will be their proprietary attitude and their unwillingness to play with others (compatibility issues, etc). And this is coming from a die hard Apple person. The only difference is that I believe that draconian license agreements such as this one is about as effective as teasing an eight foot drunken giant by stepping  on its toes. You do that, you gonna get swatted like a fly, yo.

#2 for its sheer boring glass sort of half-empty maybe: Why the iPad won’t transform education – yet by Sarah Kessler via

Read for the brief explanation of the way they etextbooks will be priced and distributed. She also brings up other issues such as broadband scarcity.

#3 for some of the only Canadian content on this issue, which really doesn’t give us anything but some hemming and hawing: Apple’s Role in Education: What Parents need to consider via Global News

When are we going to get some concrete news about a sensible distribution system for etextbooks via the iPad?



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