rAPPido Review: TapQuiz Maps

I have a terrible sense of geography. I don’t know why this is- perhaps I haven’t spent enough time memorizing maps, or maybe I just deny the validity of borders ( I know. That was quite a lame attempt at justifying the fact that I don’t really knowthe lay out of the Eastern provinces).

That is, I didn’t know exactly where Nova Scotia was until I tried Tapquiz map.

Price: Free

This app is a fun, easy way for students to brush up on their knowledge of geography. Have a student that thinks Belize is a country in Africa? Give her a few minutes with Tap quiz.

Tap on the country or continent you wish to study. The only two countries that are further divided into provinces are Canada and the U.S.

The app counts down from three and then you are on the clock. They prompt you with a “Find Nova Scotia”  and then you tap where you think it is on the map. If you wait too long, the app will give you a hint so you need to move quickly. If the app gives you a hint, it returns to that question before allowing the round to end.

It compiles your statistics, highlighting your fastest time.

If you purchase the $0.99  version, you can access the tap and type game as well as the discover mode, described below:


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