How to Make an Imaginary Animal eBook

Book Creator

Beth made the following ebook using Book Creator and

Finger Design Photo Collage

Finger Design Photo Collage. With her permission, I have taken screen shots of her final product to share with you!

The French Department has given the Grade 8s an assignment: Create an imaginary animal. Here is what Beth produced as an example of what could be done with the ipad:


This is an excellent example of how easy it is to take a simple project and give it a fabulous and fun makeover with the iPad. Not to mention the fact that once the students have emailed their ebooks to you, you have all their projects in one place, instead of a messy pile of papers.

Thanks Beth!

Note from Beth: it is very important that the students write their text in Pages and NOT in Book Creator. Although Book Creator works well with pasted text, it is too easy to lose your work.

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