rAPPido Reviews: Historical Maps

Maps, maps, maps! A mesmerizing miasma of maps (I know, I know. I’m stretching the use of miasma, but anything for alliteration).

While doing another iPad Documentary project with Ms. Allison (more about this later) she asked me if I happened to have an historical map of Shakespeare’s England

I didn’t. Not in print anyway. But the wonderful, wubbulous world of the app and internet world has a few option.

I first thought of this app I came across called Historical Maps.

Price: free

Map of Elizabethan London? Alas, no. However there are many other goodies, and, lucky for us, are easily searchable by category or era:

Although you can zoom in, there are no options for emailing, printing, etc. However, you can save the image to your camera roll and then do what you will with it!

Another option, though it isn’t an app but a website, is the World Digital Library. You can always add it to your homescree though:

However, these are not just maps, but manuscripts, images and other arcania.

Now, the quqestions of the day- do they have a map of Elizabethan London?

No. But they do have Victorian London:

As for a map of Elizabethan London. Well, let’s just say good old google is still my friend, even on the iPad!

Found on Elizabethan.org

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