rAPPido Reviews: Flickr and Pixlromatic

Today I browsed the featured apps, something I only do when I have no idea what to write about. I was going to write about Pixound, but  I couldn’t get it to work right and the sounds I was making on the poor self-portrait of Van Gogh were frankly abysmal:

Hence my visit to the app store. But! I found something!

It is called Pixlromatic. So I downloaded it and was about to try it out when I realised I had no good photos to try it out with.

Then it occurred to me that maybe there was a Flickr app that would allow me to access my account ( I know. I am very slow sometimes.) Of course, there was. Actually, there is quite a few.

The first one I downloaded called Flickr Plus was not the right one. This app gives you access to the shared photos on flickr. However, the free version only gives you limited access, up to 25 photos per search.

But I want my photos! And flickr plus does not give you access to your own account. So. Back to the drawing board. Then I found FlickstackrXP and voila! Access to my account!

If you are familiar with Flickr, you know you can organise your photos in sets and collections. The app gives oyu access to both:

You can also share your photos to your photo library (and then have them available for other apps such as Pixlromatic below):

Here are some other options:

Some of which, you have to update to the paid version:

So! I chose a photo from my library and uploaded it to Pixlromatic:

Here is the original photo:

Here are a couple of different background colour effects:

Some frames:

Some special effects:

And many, many ways to export your finished product!

Perhaps this is a tool the yearbook committee could use for their old school theme? Just sayin’…

Other camera apps, such as Hipstomatic have been (and will continue to be) featured by Ms. Den in her Traf Trash column, Photography with a Phone.

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