Valentine’s Day: Only if You Must…

I married into a family-owned florist shop, which means that Valentine’s Day is the equivalent to Black Friday in suburban America and is to be  AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. Not that I was ever a fan- too saccharine for my taste.

However, I realise that is only my opinion and you might like cute little anthropomorphised  cartoon kittens handing hot pink hearts to you. Hey. To each is own.

So, if you feel the burning need to do something special with your class come Valentine’s day, you could use the free app Tom’s Love Letters.

I tried it out with a haiku:

Here are your options:

I first came across this app via a teacher’s blog who was using it to study inference. But you could also use it as a trigger for one of those short short stories- you know the Hemingway six word thing (For sale: baby shoes, never worn.)

Do you have any other ideas?


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