rAPPido Review: Prezi for the iPad

Prezi Viewer

Following up on an email sent out by our distinguished leader, wherein he forwarded some information from a recent QAIS technology workshop, I decided to embark on the Prezi bandwagon. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Prezi, it is an online, wacky version of a powerpoint presentation. Actually it is quite different from a powerpoint. First of all the look is completely different- it reminds me of a cognitive map or a planetary system where you have a central premise and then have topics orbiting around them. You see the whole and then can zoom into the specific ideas.

Price: Free

However, in order to check out the new Prezi presence on the iPad, I needed to actually create a Prezi presentation. This was done on my desktop because, as the title of the app suggests, it is only a Prezi viewer, not a Prezi creator, though there are some iPad editing capabilities. I made a quick presentation on my library catalogue, then downloaded the app from the app store.

You must sign in to your account, then you have direct access to your Prezi presentations:

I think you can also download your presentations and share them via itunes, but mine are simply online. And! When I edited the version on my desktop, I received a notification on my iPad version that it had been modified online and which version did I want to use. Very cool.

Once you figure Prezi out, it is very easy to use. if your presentation is all perfect, just click the show button and tap the right side of the screen to go forward and the left to go back.

You can also edit it, or pinch and zoom in or out:

Also, the iPad lets you rock the boat a little:

Although the Prezi viewer doesn’t allow you to create a presentation on your iPad, what it does it does well. Simple, intuitive and elegant, this is definitely a viable option for presentations via the iPad!

If you are actually viewing this blog on your ipad, here is my presentation. Have a look!


P.S. the email I mentioned above also contained a link to a Prezi manual just in case you want to go all personal with the Prez…

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