Update: Articles from my Google Alert

There was some interesting articles today in my weekly google alert on the iPads.

1. Apple iPad Aims to Revolutionize Education from PC World.

Most intriguing part:

2. Can Education Afford the iPad? by Tony Bates (and judging by his domain, a Canadian! Yep. A Private Consultant in e-learning from Vancouver)

Most Intriguing part:
iPads vs. Textbooks
Created by: OnlineTeachingDegree.com

But he also counters this graphic with the argument that this graphic does not take into account all the other uses of the iPad- it is not just a content delivery system.

I would read the blog post- it has some interesting prognostications, including:

…eventually, textbooks as we know them (a single, comprehensive source for a whole course) will disappear altogether, to be replaced with modular collections of multi-media digital material that can be searched and combined at will by both teachers and learners. (These might even be called ‘open educational resources’.) Time horizon: 10 years. The problem is not the technology, which is available now, but the need for educators to understand the value proposition.


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