rAPPido Review: Science 360 from the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Price: free!

What does it do?

Science 360 for iPad provides you with beautiful scientific images with educational text as well as short videos on a variety of subjects.

And that’s all.

The app is designed to look like a a large 360 degree screen:

Here it is loading. You must have good wifi for this app or it won't work.


Once loaded, it looks like this:

Although I had trouble loading this  video of scientists making silk out of goat’s milk ( I know! How cool is that?)

Most of the videos worked.  The grid of squares takes you back to the main page. You can star your favourite videos, email them to yourself or post them to facebook or twitter. The rectangle with the three dots gives you related videos.

The three lines gives you the educational text accompanying the video or image.

This is an example of an image available on Science 360



My only critiques are there is no way to search the resources available – your only option is to browse the 3D-like main page. Though they may have done this on purpose- there is something to be said about browsing these images and clicking on images that intrigue you. While researching this app I watched a video about Black Holes, How lice are being used by mammologists to trace human migration, and about healing materials (polymers that can repair themselves).

There is a veritable font of information on this app and could have many applications in a science class.

My only other critique is that you cannot save the movies or the images to the camera roll. But of course, there are always screen shots.

All in all, a very interesting and useful app!


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