Lesson Plan Spotted: the Water Cycle on the iPad

I came across this lesson plan via techchef4u. It was made for second graders but I think the same idea could be used to describe more sophisticated concepts, like the Green house effect.

Here is a screen shot from the blog:


Students used three apps to describe the water cycle: Screen chomp, Songify and Talkapella.

So, of course, I had to try. But how did they get the songify into the screenchomp?

Hmmm. They didn’t. They put the song beside the video… I


should really pay more attention.

Next problem- Screenchomp kept on quitting on me.  Still I managed to make a small little screenchomp of my Lost and Found pile. I couldn’t figure out how  to embed it – the only options were to email it, facebook it or Twitter it. No sticking in your camera roll which I think is an oversight.

Talkapella worked the same way as songify. A simple app where you record your text and it puts it to music. I would use earphones with a speaker for both though as it is very hard to hear. And, honestly, kind of lame, but that it is just my humble opinion.

I would love to share my “songs” with you, but alas, I am using a free version of wordpress and do not have the ability to upload sound or videos.

So. My enthusiasm for this project went down a little with the limitations of these three apps. Screenchomp only allows you to use one screen and there is no way to save your video to your camera roll. I am sure there is another app that could do the same thing with more capabilities like Show me, where at least you can embed your video:

Or not. Nothing seems to work today. I should just go back to bed…

3 thoughts on “Lesson Plan Spotted: the Water Cycle on the iPad

  1. I love your idea of taking the lesson and using it with the Green house effect. ScreenChomp has an option to email a link. If you email yourself the link you used in the blog and open it on a computer, it will give you the option to download the video as an mp4 without requiring any logins. From there, you can upload or post the video anywhere you choose (and then embed from there). To my knowledge, ScreenChomp only allows for one image, you could use an app like Turbo Collage to create a background with multiple images to get around that. Songify will email the sound file as an m4a which can then be uploaded. It is frustrating with the free version of WP – that’s why Carnazzo utilizes Glogster to house all of her media and then embeds or hyperlinks to the glog. Hope you didn’t go back to bed – you were totally on the right track. I am eager to see how you will take some of these lessons and use them with older students and more complex concepts.

    • Thanks Lisa! I feel so honoured- it is like having the Meryl Streep of iPad lessons comment on my blog! Yes, I emailed the links to myself as well as the screenchomp- it was the wordpress limitation that was my downfall. I will definitely check out Turbo collage!

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