The Trouble with using the iPads … Is time!

By Beth Wall

Yesterday, Ms. G did her blog on trying to adapt a water cycle lesson plan for grade 2 to the grade 7 level. It was a cool idea, and a very reasonable way to go about creating a lesson plan for a course. You look on the web, then try to adapt what you find. At first glance, it looked simple, and that it should take about 30 minutes to do. However, that was not how it ended up rolling out, as you know if you read the blog.

This is a great example of the difficulty of trying something new. You think, I am going to try this. You do your research, and then you experiment. You hope  you can use this in class next week, and don’t expect it to take too long. However, the research took a while, then the app you tried kept crashing, or it wouldn’t let you do what you wanted, and in the end, you’ve killed 3.5 hours of time and have no lesson plan in hand. The end result – you are frustrated and think iPads don’t work. What’s more, you still have to find time to plan out an alternative for your class.

Before you get to this point let Ms. G. or myself help you. Come talk to us about what you would like to do, and let us do the leg work to figure out what will work. Once we have it, we can sit down and show you how it works. It may take a bit of back and forth before the project is just right, but you avoid the “I want to throw this iPad out the window” moments.

Let us take you from


And prove that an iPad is good for more than just this:

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