If You Fall off the Horse…Find Another App that Doesn’t Kick You Off


I hate to fail. Which is funny because I spend so much time doing it…Still, I am not going to take it lying down and so imagine my delight when I came across this article on edudemics on the new whiteboard app entitled Educreations.

Whereas the post on Feb. 21 took me about two hours of misery to prepare, my little video with educreations took me about 15 minutes, plus the time to download the app.

Price: Free!

Educreations addresses all of the issues I had with screenchomp and show me. It allows you to have several pages (I used 8 in my lesson). It allows you to take images from several sources:

It is very intuitive-press the record button and go! I chose to stop and start the recording with each slide, but if you are giving a lesson in class you can just keep it running.

For the Water cycle lesson plan, this would have been ideal. I can also see students using it to show how you solve a math equation, or for my idea about illustrating the Greenhouse effect.

You can choose your colour of pen. The hand lets you navigate the screen without writing. There is no eraser however, like your computer, it is just the “undo” arrow.

Below are the editing options for your images:

Once you are done, you can save your lesson, and then choose whether to share it or keep it private. You can then either send it to Facebook, twitter, email it to yourself or embed it in your website. Your lesson also automatically goes into your camera roll where you have the option to upload it to youtube!

Here is my finished lesson:

Oh! And I just got this email in my inbox from Chris from educreations:

Hi Lina,

I see that you just signed up at Educreations and I thought I’d check to see if you need any help getting started or have any initial questions.

Thanks, and welcome to Educreations!

Co-founder Educreations

So freakin’ friendly.I think I’m in love.


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