rAPPido Review: Khan Academy App

Have you heard about the Khan academy? If not, you are either a luddite, or too distracted by images of snookie in a bathing suit to pay attention to the educational video phenomena sweeping the internet.

Price: free

Here is a TED talk with Salman Khan:

And in a related digression, our favourite Traf Reads author John Green is also in the middle of extending his youtube dominion to educational videos on their youtube channel, Crash Course.

Okay. But back to the Khan Academy. Do your students need a pithy little reminder about the basics of trigonometry? Send them the Khan app (or you can do it the old school way through the computer and youtube:

All of his videos are available on this app which is  packaged in neat little categories:

And subcategories:

And sub subcategories:

The app is accessible, intuitive, nicely designed and most importantly of all, free, so check it out and tell your students!



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