In Honour of the Hunger Games

My daughter turns eleven tomorrow ( I know. I am old.) As her luck would have it, her birthday coincides with the biggest movie buzz of the year so far, the Hunger Games. We’ve listened to the book as a family (road trips and audio books are a great match- just saying) and she just finished reading it on her own.

Tonight she is having a couple friends come to sleep over and tomorrow we are going to see the movie. Of course, her party is a Hunger Games theme. The girls are going to dress up as characters from the book. I am going to recreate the training arena with a few stations of my own.

But in my preparations, I realized my iPad will play a big part.

Use #1: One of the training stations in the book is a plant identification station where the tributes must identify edible plants and poisonous plants. Though I couldn’t really do that (none of the girls would be able to ID any of the plants) I did find a survival test app as well as a more in depth survival quiz on the internet. Apparently, if I ever find myself stranded in a desert, I would surely die….

Use #2: In the book, all Tributes must be interviewed on television. They are dressed up all fancy like little killer puppets and paraded around. I plan to give the girls some time to dress up and then will interview them after their training sessions. Obviously, I will use the iPad for this. And, of course, I couldn’t call myself a mother if I didn’t document the whole event with photos and video! When the party is over and I have all the footage and images, I will refer to yesterday’s post and put them all to ether for a Tribute souvenir!

Use #3: I just found a Hunger Games Trivia app (price $0.99). Because there are only four girls, I will buy some chocolate eggs or other treats that will rain down on them like the gifts from sponsors every time they get a question right. It is a three strikes you’re out sort of deal… (I was out very soon- I need to re-read the books.


Use #4: The sleepover takes place in our living room, which means my husband and I won’t have access to the computer where we watch most of our media. Which means my husband and I will be holed up in our room, avoiding the crazy pre-pubescent energy and chick flicks, and watching Jon Stewart on the iPad through the CTV app (price: free) or perhaps a movie on our Netflix (Price: free if you have an account).

May the odds be ever in your favour this weekend!


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