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I have been writing this blog since September in order to help the staff at our school develop a working relationship with the iPad. I have three main things I do: App reviews, Lesson Plans, and articles about the state of the iPad in education. I would love to know what is more useful to you!

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What’s up in the iPad world: Articles from my Google Alert

School System Tweaks Its Wi-Fi for Better Control

By Matt HamblenComputerworld

The school system sometimes wants to restrict which printers and displays can be used with Apple’s AirPlay and AirPrint technology over Wi-Fi, said Phillip Hardin, executive director of technology at RSSS in Salisbury. That way, certain printers can be tied to private student and staff information kept on iPads and other devices. “Also, we don’t want someone projecting video in another classroom where it’s not wanted,” he said.

Conversely, Hardin sometimes wants to allow a video on an iPad to play on displays in various buildings, some using separate networks called subnets or virtual LANs. Today, Apple’s Bonjour zero-configuration networking technology won’t allow management controls across multiple subnets, but that’s about to change, he said. Read more

iPads In Education: Special Edudemic Magazine Issue Now Available!

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The special issue is just $0.99! And if you’re a subscriber, it’s free! You’ll see it automagically appear in your Edudemic Magazine app next time you open it. Just download and enjoy.

How To Get It

It’s available in the new Edudemic Store if you don’t have an iPad. You can buy the PDF version here.

It’s on the Edudemic iPad app. Just download the free app and you’ll see it as an option to buy for $0.99. If you’re a subscriber, it’s free! Read more…

Discounted iPad 2 attracting new customers, ‘unlocking’ education demand By Daniel Eran Dilger

At the launch of the new iPad, Apple continued selling the previous iPad 2 at a discounted $399 price. Over its first quarter, the new price point is attracting a new audience of buyers, particularly in education. Read more…


The Case of the Missing Apps

So, yes. I admit it. I am not the most observant little critter in the technology forest. It took the genteel gym teacher (genteel. Who uses the word genteel anymore? However she is very genteel. gentle. But not genuflecting. I don’t think) asking where the clock app was on the iPad for me to realize that it was never there.

Yes, for some reason, Apple did not bless the IPad with all of the wonderful built-in apps you get with the iPhone and even the iPod if I am not mistaken. What is missing:

  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • Clock
  • Calculator

Which is just weird in my opinion. Especially since they want to be the end all be all for education- calculators are a handy thing when you are doing, oh, say math! (Okay, the stocks one I can do without, but that is because looking at stocks for me is like trying to read a novel in cuneiform).

Here are two articles that suggest alternatives to these apps for the iPad:

  • Finding the iPad’s 7 missing apps
  • Replacing the iPad’s Missing Apps (this one is a year and a half old so might have some out of date info)

    I downloaded a free app called Classic Clock HD Free just to see if we can replace the awesome iPhone clock/stopwatch app. It seems to have a lot of functionality, though if you want to set the alarm and have it go off when the app is closed, you need to upgrade to the paid version for $2.99.
    Here is what it looks like:
     Here is the stopwatch:
     As you can see, you have two options- elapsed time and set time. With the elapsed time, you can also record the time it takes to complete 1 lap. Very handy!
    There are a lot of free options for a clock and stopwatch however, all with pretty good reviews:
    I will talk to IT Guru about purchasing one for the iPad labs!

Ped Day Post-Mortem

What a way to start the day! This morning wee took the time to go through some of the projects the teachers worked on in their iPad Play Ped Day (catchy title, n’est-ce-pas?)

I have to say, I was extremely impressed. And inspired.

Here is a smattering of iPad uses, or soon to be uses, in our school!

 Karen (Art History)

Karen is attempting to implement the tenets of the Flipped classroom (here is a short globe and mail that gives you the gist of it). So she is adapting some of her lessons to these principles by using Khan academy’s Art History Conversations. The students will watch the videos on their own time on one of the paintings highlighted in Khan, do some research and prepare a lesson to teach to the class.

They will use the iPad for this project. The presentations will consist of images they have found online and their own script.

The second project she will be doing I missed a bit of, but I think it consisted of taking photos for a class project.

DAVID (French Teacher)

  • looked for specific apps for teaching french but no luck.

But did play with Ibooks author!

This is what he had to say about iBooks:

  • Another way of taking advantage of the flipped classroom
  • All your class assignments , papers, docs can be pasted into an etext editor
  • Showed us his ibook on les phrases:

You can include:

  • little info boxes on your photos:

If you tap on the boxes it will expand:

  • graphs:

  • dynamic jpegs (which means you paste a photo ands then add little text bullets. When you tap on the text bullets they zoom in):

  • You can also embed keynote presentations:

If you tap the presentation you can expand it to full screen mode:

  • Old school stuff like text and images:

  • Can also add audio and video:

  • Can add little quizzes along the way more for self-evaluation:

Other information:

  • Must have the latest operating system (Lion) and it works only on Macs.
  • Gail asked if it would be a good tool to compile student projects-YES!
  • WARNING: need to be in landscape mode! (I found this out the hard way. When I tried to view it I could only get the text and none of the interactive modes simply because I was viewing it in portrait.)

Little glitches:

  • took twenty minutes to upload
  • and half of students did not have latest operating system

AMY (English Teacher)

Amy took a script from a student working on her Shakespeare- lost scene assignment and recorded it with the free version of Puppet Pals:

However, for $2.99 The director’s pass of this app allows you to upload photos so the students can become the puppets! This will now be added to the iPad lab.

GREG (Math teacher)

Greg researched some graphic calculators for the iPad. The hope was that the iPad will eventually render the need for students to buy their own graphic calculators obsolete. However, the ministry rules for the exams will have to change- at the moment, they do not allow the use of any electronic device.

Here are my notes of his presentation:

  • Don’t understand a thing
  • But funny
  • Did 4 graphic calculators that did everything So which one would he choose? (Never got an answer)
Luckily he provided me with a link to his video,and his rating of the calculators he tried:
Greg’s videos of Graphic Calculators Part I and Part II
Graphing Calculators with rating (*=crap, ******=very nice)
Sci Graph Calc *** (couldn’t find)
Graph Calculator * (couldn’t find)
NDO ** (couldn’t find)
CASCalcP11  (T1-90 emulator) ***

Audio memo is what Greg used to record his notes as he searched. If you are talking quietly it does not register but if you are talking at normal range will record

ALEX (History Teacher)

Alex researched  the logistics of a paperless classroom. In order to keep everything she found in one place, she created  website on Weebly (on the iPad itself!)  called paperless maider:

Includes  a list of resources to:

  • How to submit assignments completely online
  • apps where you can do it all online
  • project ideas
  • apps like class marker which allows you to create up to 50 tests for free! Class marker can make up to fifty tests online
  • Section of fun things

Needless to say, her website is AWESOME, so you should go check it out yourself. She will also be adding to it as she finds useful things.

In conclusion, I would like to quote Patrizia, spanish and french teacher and neophyte iPad user:


and from another neophyte iPad user,



rAPPido Review: What is an app called Buzzer, Mr. Trebek

Price: free

Yesterday morning, a hysterical history teacher (not really, But I couldn’t resist the alliteration) came to me with a request for the next class. She was planning a jeopardy game in her history class and was wondering if the iPads in the lab were equipped with some sort of buzzer app.

Well, um, no, they weren’t, but five minutes later they were.

A quick search for “buzzer” in the app store brought up this free app, app-tly (sorry,couldn’t help it, again. Will power is scarce this morning) called Buzzer.

A very simple interface gives you the options of 14 sounds, all delightfully annoying:

Or use the simple Correct/incorrect interface:

Brushing up on the Basics: Keyboard shenanigans, Screenshots, Filing your apps

I have covered all these topics already so I am just going to post some links to previous posts.  All this will also be covered in Beth’s fantabulous back to basics workshop tomorrow so don’t worry if you cannot penetrate my purple prose!

 English & French Keyboards, Accents, Spelling and Caps

  1. Press the on/off button at the top of the ipad and at the same time press the ipad button in the centre.
  1. Once you pressed the ipad button let go- don’t keep on holding down as it will just power off your ipad.
  2. You should see a flash of white and then the sound of a camera taking a photo.
  3. The photo is then stored in your photos app (that comes with the ipad).


Folders? What is that you are talking about? Beth (IT Guru) showed me how to collect subject specific apps all in one place!

A view inside the Books Folders
    1. Press for a couple of seconds on an app you would like to move.
    2. Drag it on top of an app with a similar subject (eg. ibooks on top of the kindle app).
    3. This will create a folder – you’ll see a black box form around the apps. Let go.
    4. Your two apps will appear inside the folder. Click on the name bar.
    5. Rename your folder to whatever you want.
    6. Click anywhere but in the black box to exit.

Brushing up on the basics: How to download an app

So I thought I would make little videos of all the basic stuff we are going to go through in the workshop. I downloaded Explain Everything, which reminded me why I should ALWAYS LISTEN TO BETH. It has much more functionality than all the other whiteboard apps that I have tried and was very easy to use. Though I still haven’t figured out how to delete a slide…

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is How to download an app:

Brushing up on the basics: Passcode

The rest of this week’s iPad workshops will be devoted to brushing up on the basics. We will also be covering this material in the first hour of our Friday Ped Day on April 20th, so if you have no idea what I’m talking about, join us for our refresher course!

I have already covered most of these topics so they will be reposts for the most part!

How to do an alpha numeric password to lock your ipad:
1.     Go to settings –> General.
2.     Tap Passcode Lock.
3.Turn the Simple Passcode option off.
4. Tap “Turn Passcode on”.
5.     Type in your passcode.
6.     Tap next.
7.     Re-enter passcode
8.     Tap done.
Easy as Pie!

Using Google Docs and Socrative in a Meeting

For the Traf Reads meeting I decided to use the smart clicker Socrative to quiz the committee and get results in real time, as mentioned in last week’s blog post.

How did it work, Lina? How?


That is a very lame answer, Lina.

I know. But it is true.

I asked them to complete this one question right off the bat. I used all the iPads in the iPad lab, making sure the secretive student app was open and that my “room number” was open on all of them.

This worked out well.

However, the glitch came with the second question. If they answered “no” they should have been finished. If they answered “yes” they should have been directed to the next question:

Although I was able to plug in a simple “none” right now, when I was the only one on the network, many of the students’ machines got stuck on the wheel of death.

However, when I used it for a quick poll, it worked way better. I asked the group whether we should start our process over (in spoken words. I know. Old school.) and tapped the multiple choice option. A for Yes, B for No. I was able to get a definitive answer right away:

A little bird also told me that Google docs works better now on the iPad, so I thought I would upload my agenda and use it to make sure everyone was present.

Did it work better, Lina? Did it?


It certainly worked better than before. Before being when it didn’t work at all. So really, anything is an improvement. But I wouldn’t want to have to write a whole document in it.

First of all, there was this annoying bar that kept following me every time I scrolled and would stubbornly not stay in place:

The little magnifying glass doesn’t work, though you can still copy and paste by tapping the screen twice.

Go Docs
Price: $4.99

I still found it jumpy and lacking much functionality, but I did glimpse a google docs app in the app store for $4.99. Perhaps if you are very gung-ho about googledocs you might want to give it a try and then tell me about it? Anybody?