Cycle Meeting Notes: In Preparation of Next Ped Day

Just in case you were not able to fill up your thermos of coffee before the cycle meeting this morning and you didn’t grasp all the wonderful ideas thrown around, here is a little recap:

Price: free

Ms. L, Science teacher, showed us her showmes. She uses the whiteboard app to record her lectures as well as capture the visuals that would usually go on the board. According to Ms. L, the girls find this very useful, especially those who find it difficult to take notes and listen at the same time.

She has seen a decrease in stress from the students, as now they are not worried about missing something- they can check out the link she emails to them at the end of the lecture.

Someone asked about comments or moments in the lecture that she would rather not have recorded. Ms. L answered that she always tells them she is recording and a sort of peer policing comes into action as peers will let peers know they are messing with their class notes when they act out. As a result, the atmosphere in the class is more relaxed and focused.

Price: Free

Check out my blog posts on showme here for more information!

Other Science teacher Ms. K mentioned that although she began using showme (see blogpost never washing acetates again) she finds educreations works better. As mentioned in this blog post, I agree.

Book Creator
Price: $4.99

Monsieur P. gave his class the option to do the imaginary animal project on the iPad. Ms. W (aka tech guru) made an example for him that I featured in this blog post.

Ms. W also made a template presentation on Globalwarming using Explain Everything and Keynote:

Ms. L the art/math teacher (the mart teacher?) used them as ready reference during an art project. Instead of having the girls go back and forth between the library and the art room to consult a website on perspective drawing, she booked the iPads and had them work with the iPads beside them. This saved a heck of a lot of time and distraction (kids can get loss even between the couple of classrooms that separates the two locations, you know. They are very talented that way.) She also did a research project as well as presentations with the iPads and got a whole class to do the unit on Still-Lifes with the iPad. Ms. L, if you have some great examples of these projects, we would love to see them!

According to Ms. L, half of her class hated this project with a passion. However some produced some extraordinary results.

In her Grade 7 math class she used it as a glorified chalkboard and also made a show me video.

Price: $0.99

Ms B, the English teacher, taught Macbeth using the iPads, as mentioned in this blog post. 75 to 80 percent used the ipads.  In terms of reading in class they were more focused than usual.

Ms. A, other English teacher, also mentioned a project we did with the grade 7s- it was another documentary to help them with research in the library as well as to give them some historical background for the novels they were reading. It was based on the To Kill A Mockingbird project I did with the Grade 8s, with a couple of tweaks. I added a re-enactment to one of the questions. For example, the group doing Fever 1793, a historical novel about the Yellow Fever Epidemic in Philadelphia of that year, had to show us how one would contract Yellow Fever. Hilarious! The mosquito was especially talented…

There was also the Photo Essay presentation I gave to the Grade 9 girls in Ms. J’s class, based on this blog post.

Hopefully this round-up of ideas will get the seeds sprouting in your brain. And remember, check out these blog posts to help you format your lesson plan!

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