Lesson Plan: Making a Fake Front Page

It isn’t true. There isn’t an app for everything. For instance, there is no app that makes my coffee in the morning. No app that regulates my inside and outside voice (imagine that- a warning bell would go off every time the iPad sense you are about to say anything inappropriate. Or better yet, send something inappropriate. That’ll be the scary scary day.) And, as it turns out, I could find no good app to help Madame Histoire and Géographie teacher find an nice easy app on the iPad to help her with her project.

The project: To make a Front Page newspapers with articles describing the exploits of a certain explorer. Columbus discovers America! (subtitle: but the dufus mistakes it for India…)


Although there were a lot of joke apps like Faker, and Noob, the free versions do not allow you to change the actual text of the article, only the images and the headlines. Not so good for a school project. As well, they have a 12+ rating due to some risqué content.

So, what to do?

Look online of course.

I found a news clip generator, which was very easy to use, but only gives you part of the front page:

Then it is just a matter of clicking the download button and saving it to your camera roll. This is the final result:

However, Madame Histoire really wanted a whole page, so after a quick search, I found this free powerpoint template online:

It downloads very easily into keynote (though there are a few fonts that don’t translate very well). The students can choose to work on it on the iPad or on their laptops!

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