rAPPido Review: Socrative – a free smart clicker for quick quizzing

Socrative: Free

The Traf Reads meeting is coming up and there are several factors worrying me. The first is that our committee is large and our time is short. The other is that the committee is composed of students 12 to 17, some very opinionated, others very shy. How will I manage this disparity and still come up with a rounded, fair, democratic selection in 50 minutes?

Enter Socrative, a free, interactive clicker app. This is where the iPad shines, though to be honest, Socrative works with any online platform.  It allows me, the “teacher” to ask a question in class. I don’t even need to write it down. The students bring up their m.socrative.com page, type in their teacher’s “room number” ( a unique ID that allows them to access your quizzes and questions) and answer the question. You can choose from a quick poll of your class to see if they are understanding or poll them on their opinion.

For example, I will ask the Traf reads committee something like,”What are the themes in If I stay that would generate class discussion?

Here is how the student log on looks like:

And this is what the “teacher” sees:

You can also  save quizzes:

You can then email yourself the report or download it onto your computer:

The emailed report is sent in an excel spreadsheet.

The interface is very simple and the Learn more, hyperlink at the top of the page gives you detailed and clear instructions on how it works.

All in all, avery useful free app!

2 thoughts on “rAPPido Review: Socrative – a free smart clicker for quick quizzing

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