In the iTunes Education Spotlight this Week

If you don’t get this lovely little newsletter from iTunes, you should. Because of it, I have several new apps on my iPad, three  free books of short stories from the finalists of the Bronwen Wallace Emerging Writers award, and my first iTunes course.

As always, I will forward you the email, but here is a few screenshots to give you a preview:


The iTunes U course that I downloaded for free is the above one about the moon. This would be a great compliment to the Astronomy unit I know is approaching quickly in Form I.

This is how it looks like in your iTunes U app. Which looks a lot like the ibooks app. That confused me at first but I got over it. I am quick like that.

Here is the course outline:

Excellent, easy to read text, interspersed with videos and images:

Here is a screenshot of one of the videos:

Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers! Don’t delay! Get three books of short stories for Free!


Naturetap is a free app that gives you information on a variety of birds and insects.

Here is the description:

Build your nature app. Download the free app and get instant access to 28 beautiful North American birds, each with a brilliant image, detailed range map, song/call, and description. Register your app and receive the full Insects and Spiders module, which includes 100 common species for free! Add additional nature subjects quickly and easily with in-app purchase.

You can purchase “nature packs” for an extra $0.99, but the free version is pretty fantabulous:

You get a lot of information from a physical description to its diet and habitat as well as a recording of its cry. Perfect for the Animal Real Estate project the Form 1s do at the beginning of the year!


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