Using Google Docs and Socrative in a Meeting

For the Traf Reads meeting I decided to use the smart clicker Socrative to quiz the committee and get results in real time, as mentioned in last week’s blog post.

How did it work, Lina? How?


That is a very lame answer, Lina.

I know. But it is true.

I asked them to complete this one question right off the bat. I used all the iPads in the iPad lab, making sure the secretive student app was open and that my “room number” was open on all of them.

This worked out well.

However, the glitch came with the second question. If they answered “no” they should have been finished. If they answered “yes” they should have been directed to the next question:

Although I was able to plug in a simple “none” right now, when I was the only one on the network, many of the students’ machines got stuck on the wheel of death.

However, when I used it for a quick poll, it worked way better. I asked the group whether we should start our process over (in spoken words. I know. Old school.) and tapped the multiple choice option. A for Yes, B for No. I was able to get a definitive answer right away:

A little bird also told me that Google docs works better now on the iPad, so I thought I would upload my agenda and use it to make sure everyone was present.

Did it work better, Lina? Did it?


It certainly worked better than before. Before being when it didn’t work at all. So really, anything is an improvement. But I wouldn’t want to have to write a whole document in it.

First of all, there was this annoying bar that kept following me every time I scrolled and would stubbornly not stay in place:

The little magnifying glass doesn’t work, though you can still copy and paste by tapping the screen twice.

Go Docs
Price: $4.99

I still found it jumpy and lacking much functionality, but I did glimpse a google docs app in the app store for $4.99. Perhaps if you are very gung-ho about googledocs you might want to give it a try and then tell me about it? Anybody?

2 thoughts on “Using Google Docs and Socrative in a Meeting

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